Friday, January 6, 2017

Silencio Earrings

New Silencio Earrings by Monica Sordo. I made them a little bit smaller than real life earrings to avoid clipping with face and shoulders. They come in 4 colors, 2 of them have subtle difference in color but I decided to keep all versions. Hope you’ll like them.

  • For Teen, Young Adult, Adult. Disallowed for random. All lods. 
  • Very high: 1842 poly, High: 1100. Medium: 422, Low: 249 
  • 2048x4096 HQ texture 

Thank you to all CC creators whose content I used for screenshots. Special thank you to all make up and skin creators whose content I use for screenshots and in the game. 
Credits: Sims4Studio and all team who worked hard on this program and tutorials. I recommend this program and forum to anyone who wants to create CC.
If you have any problems with my content, contact me. It works in my game (I test it in CAS and live mode for a while). If it doesn’t work in your game I would like to know. My game is fully updated.

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