Friday, January 6, 2017

Mariposa Earrings For Kids

I wanted to make something cute, girly, shiny since kids there is less accessories for the kids than for adults. So I found a picture of the earrings, something that many little girls in real life would enjoy. Butterflies with precious stones in the middle. Of course the one with marquise cut diamond would cost a lot but lets pretend it’s synthetic diamond. Adults version can be found here.
New mesh, 7 swatches (pink sapphire, amethyst, diamond, blue sapphire, emerald, citrine, aquamarine).

  • For kids (girls). Feminine style choice. Disallowed for random
  • 2048x4096 HQ textures (HQ settings compatible)
  • Custom thumbnails
All lods, (low poly item)
Very high:  380    High: 222    Medium: 140    Low: 80
DOWNLOAD via / DOWNLOAD (Simfileshare)
Creadits: to all custom content creators whose content I used for pictures and Sims 4 Studio for an amazing program, Sims 4 Studio team for always being helpful.
And special thank you to all people who help spreading a word about my content 🌺

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