Thursday, March 2, 2017

Lotus Ear Jackets

Trendy ear jackets in 4 colors. They work in my game. If you don’t see them, please update your game. If there is any other issue, feel free to contact me. If you want to recolor them, please refer to my TOU.

* For teens, young adults, adults (females)
* Feminine style choice. Allowed for vampires and humans. Base game compatible
* 2048x4096 HQ texture (HQ settings compatible)
* Disallowed for random
* Custom thumbnails
All lods. Very high: 760     High: 641     Medium: 477     Low: 285

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Credits: to all custom content creators whose content I used for pictures and Sims 4 Studio for an amazing program, tutorials and forum, Sims 4 Studio team for always being helpful. 
And special thank you to all people who help spreading a word about my content 🌺

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