Monday, August 7, 2017

Toddler Jenny Jeans

I've been dreaming to make some cute jeans with lace for toddlers. So I finally gathered myself and started working. So far I haven't noticed any single glitch, neither in CAS nor in game. Feel free to point one if you stumble upon it.

These jeans come in 12 swatches, have 3 style of lace and one swatch with frayed bottom. Hope you like them. Follow my TOU if you want to recolor them. More pictures under a cut.

In game picture

* All lods. Very high: 1248     High: 496    Medium: 473      Low: 221
* Disallowed for random, feminine style, allowed for humans, vampires and aliens
* Custom thumbnails

Credits: to all custom content creators whose content I used for pictures and Sims 4 Studio for an amazing program, tutorials and forum, Sims 4 Studio team for always being helpful.
And special thank you to all people who help spreading a word about my content 🌺


  1. cutest ever!! thank you for the most beautiful costume ♥