Saturday, December 9, 2017

Dahlia Slippers

Hi all! I've been thinking about creating shoes since it's something that fascinates me. So here are my first shoes aka fashionable slippers that come in 2 files with 2 types of textures. Slippers weighted to imitate gravity, it means that if your sim bends toes slipper will move as real shoes would do.

Leather slippers have 20 swatches, and satin slippers have 18 swatches including 1 iridescent swatch.
I really hope you'll like them. You can choose either .package, both of them contain mesh.

Feel free to contact me if you encounter any problem. Known issue: won't look good on sims with snooty walk style due to the way they bend their toes up and down while walking. But work fine with regular style of walk.

All lods. Very high: 2230     High: 1316     Medium: 645     Low: 297

* For teens, young adults, adults and elders
* Feminine style choice. Allowed for vampires, humans, aliens. Base game compatible
* 2048x4096 HQ texture (HQ settings compatible)
* Disallowed for random
* Custom first thumbnail

TOU: as usual. You may include the mesh.

Credits: to all custom content creators whose content I used for pictures and Sims 4 Studio for an amazing program, tutorials and forum, Sims 4 Studio team for always being helpful. 
And special thank you to all people who help spreading a word about my content 🌺

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