Thursday, March 15, 2018

Fantastic Play Date Romper Recolor for Kids (mesh by Sims4Nexus)

Sims 4 Nexus converted her adorable romper for kids and I decided to convert my recolors that I previously made for toddlers, and add 32 new swatches (patterns and solid silk swatches). Hope you like them.

You absolutely need mesh by Sims 4 Nexus (particularly S4Nexus-Child-Romper02-Solids.package).

* Mesh required. Downloads solids
* 20 pattern swatches, 20 silk swatches in 2 separate .packages

DOWNLOAD via shorte

DOWNLOAD ad free

Credits: to all custom content creators whose content I used for pictures and Sims 4 Studio for an amazing program, tutorials and forum, Sims 4 Studio team for always being helpful. 
And special thank you to all people who help spreading a word about my content 🌺

Patterns credit:
Designed by 0melapics / Freepik
Designed by webvillapl / Freepik
Designed by Planolla / Freepik
Designed by Freepik

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