Terms Of Use

As of  January 06 2017.

1. You may recolor most of my items with your own textures and include the mesh in package. Please post link back to my blog on blogspot. Sometimes I might ask not to include the mesh in the package. It will be written right in the post with specific item. Do not modify my meshes and textures if you want to release them anywhere, please. You are free to modify for your own use.
2. You may recolor my textures for your own use (use in screenshots) just don’t upload this package anywhere.
3. If you use my creations for your screenshots I would be thrilled if you tag me on Tumblr. I want to see them in your game :). Tagging is not mandatory though.
4. Do not upload my content to any free or pay sites. If you use my meshes don’t hide your links behind adfly, please.
5. You may convert my items for The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 without asking. Please tag me on tumblr/blogspot for credit.

6. Don't claim as your own. It's not nice.